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Principal Investigator

Master Students

Picture of Alfiya Orman

Alfiya Orman (She/They)

Alfiya is working on her master's degree in Civil Engineering with focus on lighting in built spaces. She researches the validation of spectral simulation tools and integration of daylighting and electric lighting systems in living spaces. They are interested in the effects of lighting on human health and energy consumption.

Undergraduate Students

Picture of Logan Verplancke

Logan Verplancke (He/Him)

Undergraduate student in Architectural Engineering at Oregon State University. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest has led to me frequently experiencing dreary overcast skies. Now, I am interested in researching and improving lighting systems to promote a healthier and happier environment for people inside the buildings that they occupy.


Picture of Paul Peter Matipwiri

Paul Peter Matipwiri (He/Him)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Picture of Spencer Kime

Spencer Kime (He/Him)

Undergraduate Research Assistant

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