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The radiantlab is dedicated to developing open-source software and open-access research. This list includes code that has been authored or contributed by team members.

Lark v2.0

Rhino/Grasshopper Python

The objective of Lark Spectral Lighting is to make circadian lighting analysis more accessible to architects, lighting designers, researchers, and other interested parties. The simulation engine is Radiance. Lark allows for simulations in 9 channels and computes photopic (luminance and illuminance values) and circadian/non-visual metrics (e.g, alpha-opic values).

Lark is originally developed as a collaboration between Mehlika Inanici, Ph.D. (University of Washington) and ZGF Architects LLP. Modifications and new features in Lark Spectral Lighting v2.0 were developed by Clotilde Pierson, Ph.D. (EPFL, Oregon State University) and Myrta Gkaintatzi-Masouti, M.Sc. (Eindhoven University of Technology), with contributions from ZGF Architects LLP for the electric lighting simulation workflow and contributions from Priji Balakrishnan, Ph.D. and Alstan J. Jakubiec, Ph.D. for the implementation of the Perez sky model.

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